Sunday, June 29, 2014

GT Bleaching Cream Anti-aging with Antioxidant

You may want to get lighter underarms IMMEDIATELY.

Now the natural ways posted in this page may not work for you right away, well depending on how dark your underarm is. So this time you might want to proceed with the peeling process.

Using this GT Bleaching cream, you will be able to get whiter underarms as early as 1 week.


1. After taking a bath in the evening, before going to bed. Apply a minimal amount of this cream just enough to spread over the DARK AREAS of your underarm.

2. Leave cream overnight.

3. Remember to never attempt to wax, pluck, shave your underarms while you are in the process with this cream.

4. Do not also use deodorant while you are using this cream.

5. Reapply the cream the next night, until the third night. On the following day, it is expected that the peeling is going to start already. 

6. REMEMBER that your underarm is more sensitive now that it's peeling, remember to never attempt to wax, pluck, shave your underarms while you are in the process with this cream nor to use deodorant.

7. You can resume with plucking, shaving, waxing, and using deodorant after 1-2 weeks of the last day of peeling. I suggest you to make it 2 weeks just to be sure.

8. If after 3 nights of application and there is no presence of peeling, wait for another week, and reapply the cream following the points stressed above.

How to lighten Dark underarms Naturally

If you have dark underarms surely it's one of the reasons that will hinder you to have this confidence, yes it's true because I too have a problem like that. 
Dark underarms are caused by shaving and use of deodorants where your skin is hypersensitive to its chemical contents.
This is based on my own underarm care routine as advised from the manager and consultant of Health And Beauty emporium in our place when I had my underarms checked. They suggested me to follow these step to lighten up my underarm before going into extreme peeling process.
       It may not take an effect immediately but if you are going to follow this religiously and patiently, you'll get the desired result as their previous clients did. :)

Calamansi fruit
Lightening cream (night creams e.g. ponds, olay etc.)
Natural deodorizer (baking soda)
Whitening soap

1. Before taking a bath in the morning, use a wet with water cotton balls to rub your underarms to remove blemishes from night sweat or etc. But do not rub it vigorously as it may irritate the skin.

2. Twenty minutes before taking a bath, take a piece of calamansi fruit cut into half then rub it in your underarm by squeezing its juice out. Rinse it with water after 10-20 minutes.

3. While taking a bath use your whitening soap in your underarm by applying it in a circular motion. Do not use too much pressure nor do not rub it vigorously.

4. Now instead of using your commercialized deodorant, use baking soda or tawas for your natural deodorizer. (Or use deo spray for strong underarm odor)

5. At night before you sleep, use again a wet with water cotton balls rubbed on your underarms to remove the dirt and other blemishes you had for the day, then apply your lightening cream in circular motion onto your underarm.

6. Upon waking up for the next day, start again from step 1.